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Save My Play is an AI-powered sports camera system, ideal for any facility looking to offer added value and open new revenue streams. Whether it’s pickleball, tennis, or any sport, our system captures exciting moments with precision, enhancing the experience for players and coaches.

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Own or manage a sports facility? Set up our innovative system in just 1 hour - includes highlights, instant replay, live streaming and more.

Save My Play is an AI-driven replay system that seamlessly blends our low-cost sports camera technology with smart, accessible software. It employs advanced AI to capture the perfect moment with just a single tap. We handle every detail, from providing our proprietary cameras to overseeing logistics and billing. Our intuitive suite of applications, including Apple Watch and web apps, elevate player engagement and position your facility as a premier destination for players.

Below are the main features Save My Play offers to help you increase your customer base.

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Live Stream

Start a shareable live stream from any court in a matter of seconds, with a single button tap.

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Advanced Coaching Tools

Our proprietary tablet lets coaches and players instantly review play/technique footage, annotate/draw, and record coaching sessions with voiceover

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Security lookback

Need to look back at an incident? Facility owners can review point-in-time footage. But like every Save My Play feature, player privacy is at the forefront - no video ever goes to the cloud until it's specifically requested by the player or facility manager.

Our Camera

Small but extremely powerful. Lightweight and easy to mount. Our proprietary camera powers all of the features listed. It can be powered with a standard AC adapter or PoE (power over ethernet). Easily wall-mountable and can also be fitted with a variety of different mounts (ceiling hanging, bar suspended, fence, tripod, etc.)

Instant Replay
Instantly review the previous play on a courtside tablet or TV monitor! Slow motion, frame by frame, and zoom capabilities.
Live Streaming
Start a shareable live stream from any court in a matter of seconds, with a single button tap. The stream can be viewed within your facility or share the link with anyone in the world for viewing.
Full Session/Match Recording
Players can record a complete session, and our AI will automatically cut our the boring parts between points.
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Facility owner testimonials

See what facility owners are saying!

"Players love Save My Play and we are benefiting in many ways."
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Club Owner

"Instant replay is a game changer. It is so simple to use. Happy I never have to mess with a tripod and editing again."
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"We were going to sign with an expensive and complex to install service that would have cost each of our players $240 per year. We tried SMP in the 11th hour and happily canceled with the expensive service. We are getting better quality and a great revenue model. Thank you save My Play!"
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Club Owner

Player testimonials

See what players have to say!

"Save My Play is so great. It is very simple to use and I love that I can watch these great plays at home and share them with my friends."
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New York

"It's amazing. There is nothing like it. With one tap I save my plays and have them in minutes!"
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New York